SundaySky – Tel Aviv Offices

  • Client SundaySky,
  • size 7,300 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • T&R Interior Design have designed a new office space for smart video company SundaySky located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    New High Tech Office in Tel Aviv for a technology company that is based in Ramat-Aviv,. They recently just entered their new office. The new inviting interior of this hi-tech company, housed in approximately 7300 square feet square meters.

    The company is a professional creator of Smart-Videos, a newer, better, smarter way of using video to communicate with customers. They create SmartVideo to help brands tell compelling stories that matter to the consumer, while delivering results that matter to the business.

    The design of the office space is a mix between “feel good” and easygoing, yet professional. We choose together with the client the most suitable and appropriate space to rent , in terms of size, basic structure and location.

    The space was with so much potential, and our goal was to maximize the rented space as much as possible, while also creating a friendly workspace that reflected the firm core values.

    The overall goal was to plan and design the new offices for the client, and to help them refresh the brand image, to emphasize its strong technological heritage, and the high value of its activities in the new offices. We used a lot of color to create a stylish happy office, with a lot of shared and communal spaces.

    Their  workers are looking for a way to express themselves and their talents. They come to work to meet, enjoy fertilize each other creative ideas. Most of the employees are looking for a challenge, interest and excitement.

    They asked to challenge our abilities to face their employees to diversify their environment and give them a sense of renewal and development.

    They also wanted to contact and appeal to new personnel, quality workers that are looking to work in a young atmosphere fruitful creative and fun work environment with an open mind cooperation.

    It was important for them that we created an environment that encourages flexibility, socialization and collaboration—regardless of company size.

    We divvied the office space into 5 various work areas, that were separated  by few creative breakout sections.
    The offices spark creativity through interaction between the employees in spaces with a lot of light. The office is a tightly edited combination of creativity, modernity and coolness.

    The interior exudes a sense of cheerfulness, innovation, and technology. The space we created shows their strong global and performance-orientation in an original way through happy colors.

    Business Styling used extremely colorful, motley and yet crisp visuals contributing to the office’s beauty.

    Design: T&R Interior Design
    Photography: Amit Giron