Yandex – Saint Petersburg Office Expansion

  • Client Yandex,
  • size 35,628 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location Saint Petersburg, Russia,
  • Industry Technology,
  • za bor architects have completed the design of another section of Yandex’s offices in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

    The office of Yandex in Saint Petersburg is special. It is the brightest and the most unusual office of the company with lots of original visual solutions. As the company has been dynamically developing within the last years, it required more new space for the office. So, they started with 1800 sq.m in Saint Petersburg in 2008, and by 2014 the office has grown to occupy about 10000 sq.m and three floors. Its last part, the fourth one already, occupies the third floor of Benua business centre.

    Since the architects were familiar both with the business-center space, and the client, and the builders, the work went smoothly.

    The client wanted to see an interesting office which would be combined well visually with a very bright part located on the fifth floor and with the quieter offices on the fourth floor. As a result to the office has got the advantage of the best style solutions created throughout the years of work, and since during this time the search engine design has changed repeatedly, there have appeared new designer solutions related to the corporate symbols of the client. Now it is a new story about Yandex in which many flat icons have become 3d, there have appeared “contour” embodiments in the form of cuts on the walls which create recognizable contours of the symbols familiar to millions of the search engine users. Thus, according to the architects’ plan, there takes place the immersion of the office guests and employees in Yandex services with which they normally interact in the two-dimensional screen plane. In the finishing ecologically friendly materials of the last generation are used — industrial carpet, plasterboard; one of the walls is covered with stabilized moss.

    Because of the business center planning peculiarities the office which stretches along the almost 200 meter long corridor, has plenty of negotiation rooms and informal communication zones. Because people work round the clock here, at the employees’ disposal there are shower rooms, a dining-room, coffee points, recreational zones — so the office space provides a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

    Design: za bor architects
    Project Team: Architects — Arseniy Borysenko and Peter Zaytsev, Decor — Nadezhda Rozhanskaya
    Photography: Peter Zaystev