Droga5 – New York City Headquarters

  • Client Droga5,
  • size 100,000 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location New York City, New York, United States,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • ROGERS PARTNERS Architects+Urban Designers have designed the new Droga5 Headquarters in New York, New York.

    When Droga5, the dynamic, international advertising agency, decided to move their headquarters from NoHo to Wall Street in New York’s Financial District, they were concerned about leaving their roots in a funky, old loft building to move to a new, downtown setting best known for suits and ties. They wanted a space that embraced their scrappy, upstart beginnings while allowing for room to expand and mature as a company. Versatility of spaces that address various functions at different scales and group sizes were important to address Droga5’s distinctive work style.

    The program included workspace on three floors to house the firm’s 250 employees with an ability to expand. A combination of open offices, private offices, workstations, and meeting rooms were required to address the diverse needs of four departments and support staff. Common areas were also a priority, including a kitchen and dining area, reception, casual meeting spaces and a place for firm-wide meetings. In addition, Droga5 needed a ‘work retreat’ offering a private setting for client presentations and internal meetings.

    To reflect the firm’s collaborative culture, the traditional hierarchical design where one’s place in the building is determined by status in the company was replaced with a ‘constellation’ model with ‘attractors’. By dispersing the company’s most-visited people or departments across the three floors, vertical and lateral paths of physical communication are created. Interaction is encouraged through chance encounters and impromptu meetings.

    In contrast to many corporate office models where offices with views are preserved for the highest in rank, the space is designed so everyone shares in the daylight and views while private offices are placed against the core, encased in glass. Corners, with waterfront views, are used for common gathering spaces including kitchen and dining, lounges, and work tables. The area features a long table used for communal dining and for the agency’s annual Thanksgiving dinner.

    The vertical connections within the space provide opportunities for collaboration and places to gather. At the core, a large stair invites people to common areas below and serves as an amphitheater for agency meetings and social events. A second stair, slipped into the core, embeds casual meeting areas in its residual spaces.

    The primary path connecting the floors is identified by the use of charred wood siding, providing wayfinding and a rich material quality to these areas. Simple authentic materials offer a sober and modern contrast with the unobstructed bright natural light flooding in from the East River views. Offices on the north and south perimeter are made of a translucent polygal, allowing light to be shared with the common spaces.

    Upper floors offer a “work retreat” away from day-to-day distractions; a corporate boardroom for meeting with potential clients; and an entertainment space for dinners and parties.
    Keeping within the spirit of the firm’s creative culture, the space is designed to reject many of the traditional corporate office models, providing shared spaces that allow for interaction and flexibility and a capacity to expand and evolve with the firm into the future.

    DesignROGERS PARTNERS Architects+Urban Designers
    Photography: ESTO/Albert Vecerka