Hotel Quickly – Bangkok Offices

  • Client Hotel Quickly,
  • size 4,090 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location Bangkok, Thailand,
  • Industry Technology,
  • regroup has designed a new office for Hotel Quickly in Bangkok, Thailand.

    A standard office tower floor was transformed into a fresh loft-style, start-up office boasting both tech-company and Asian hotel elements. An emphasis was placed on creating many different workplace settings to stimulate a creative working environment and internal communication.

    regroup designed the new head office for HotelQuickly, a fast-growing mobile app start-up company based in Bangkok, Thailand, to fulfill its present and future workspace needs. The office covers the half floor of an office tower and has windows on three sides. The existing office setting in this tower has a suspended ceiling with only 2.3m clear ceiling height left.

    The office design should represent this young start-up company and therefore regroup aimed to generate a loft style, flexible and playful work environment influenced by the Google offices around the globe. In the battle for highly qualified and motivated employees, a unique and over-average office space is an important ingredient.

    The basic concept to organize all the needed functions within an open office layout was to combine the support functions, like meeting rooms, Skype rooms, storage and recreation spaces, into two space volumes.

    The white and black themed “meeting box” contains two meeting rooms and four smaller Skype rooms. Located in the middle of the rented area, the “meeting box” defines two open offices on each side, one for concentrated quiet development work, and one for the customer relation and call center. The wooden, so-called “creative box” marks the entrance and contains, among other functions, a hotel lounge-themed recreation room with massage chairs, an artificial garden room for a powernap and a secret door to a hidden room.

    Every person has an individual work style so this efficient office layout offers several different work styles. The main workplaces are groups of four desks. All desks are shared and can be reserved daily with a “do not disturb” doorknob hanger. Wooden bar tables along the windows enable employees to stand while working and provide an outstanding view over the Bangkok Sathorn area.

    In the office, scattered hot desks from old hotel room doors and three sitting islands under Asian-themed lanterns foster teamwork and team discussions. A large community table besides the tea kitchen enables informal meetings and get togethers of larger groups of people.

    The reduction on only a few materials in combination with some colors based on the HotelQuickly mobile app design generated a unique contemporary look.

    Besides the efficient use of the office space, the appropriate use of construction details and materials helped to keep the construction costs per workplace on a very competitive level.

    Design: regroup
    Design team: Michael Chompookas, Lukas Guy Schnider