Nylon Magazine – New York City Offices

Shelly Lynch-Sparks and Andrea Perez of Homepolish have developed a new office design for Nylon Magazine in SoHo, New York City.

A company like Nylon Magazine needs a stylish office design to match their fashion and music centric brand. The company approached Homepolish to makeover their Digital Offices and add some spunk to their quickly growing office space. Homepolish designers Shelly Lynch-Sparks and Andrea Perez led the design process, beginning with finding the super talented graffiti artist Angelina Christina. They installed vibrant furniture and upped organization and productivity with the right office supplies.

“Mobility is everything,” says Shelly, “People need to move around and feel like they can interact with each other. Break out spaces are the new black.” Efficient and attractive, the new offices are highlighted with Nylon’s signature hot pink and the space finally reflects the brand’s forward-thinking attitude.

Design: Shelly Lynch-Sparks and Andrea Perez of Homepolish
Photography: Claire Esparros