Chartboost – San Francisco Offices

  • Client Chartboost,
  • size 42,000 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location California, San Francisco, United States,
  • Industry Gaming,
  • Blitz Architecture + Interiors has developed a new office design for Chartboost in San Francisco, whose temporary offices we looked at last week.

    When moving into a new office space, Chartboost was most interested in taking the opportunity to celebrate what is at the core of their business: video games. As the world’s largest games-only technology platform, Chartboost wanted their San Francisco space to reflect the energy of the gaming world and create a fun, interactive environment that would excite anyone who entered. Blitz stepped up to the challenge and designed a modern ofce that brings the world of games to life.

    The full Chartboost experience begins after walking up the stairs from entrance to the reception, where an entire wall is dedicated to the “photo op.” Visitors can find their games on display and take pictures with the boxes (although we think the show-stealing, 11-foot-tall dinosaur probably gets some photo love too). The dinosaur, aka “Buster,” has become the Chartboost mascot – they even developed their first in-house mobile game starring the T-Rex. Hanging app boxes and an interactive iPad love wall further celebrate the developers and clients of Chartboost’s products.

    Blitz reflected the company’s energy and focus on fun by using bright colors (limited to the four brand colors), playful textures, wall graphics, 3D sculptures, and a game room complete with ball pit and giant Lego wall. Adding an additional jolt of energy to the space are five “super themed” conference rooms that bring the classic games of Donkey Kong, Super Mario, Oregon Trail, Tetris, and Legend of Zelda to life. By combining custom graphics with specialty furniture and artwork, each room inspires the user to imagine they are inside the world of the game. These rooms have been so popular with the Chartboost team that additional ones are now in the works.

    Chartboost’s work style is super flexible – with teams changing and rearranging as frequently as every two weeks. Blitz designed a workstation layout that allows people to take their desks with them and gang together in a multitude of organic pods as needed. However, after 3pm most employees can be found lounging in one of the many themed open areas such as the Jurassic Park or the Mario Park. The latter is both an hall-hands area and a café, and has stadium seating for presentations and benches/tables for dining.

    DesignBlitz Architecture + Interiors
    Furniture: Two
    General Contractor: Skyline Construction
    Photography: Jasper Sanidad