Vail Systems – Chicago Offices

  • Client Vail Systems,
  • size 10,600 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location Chicago, Illinois, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Eastlake Studio has designed the offices of Vail System located in Chicago, Illinois.

    Looking to connect its future to the past, Vail Systems, a communications software developer, found a perfect home in the former Chicago Daily News pressroom. The once industrial space has been transformed into a collaborative environment that inspires innovation. Unique structural elements organize functional requirements. Staff is located in large reconfigurable areas, while meeting spaces are organized under mezzanines and catwalks. The central focus is a meeting room under a mezzanine that is encased in charred wood planks and tinted glass with black frames, providing strong contrast to the white space.

    Limited daylight presents a challenge, but bright and reflective materials are introduced so the space is not solely dependent upon artificial light. Ambient reflections from the high gloss concrete floor enliven the space. Red metal coil drapery cascading down from the 20’ high ceilings defines lounge areas without restricting natural light or creating visual disruption. Warm furniture finishes provide an element of contrast against a neutral industrial finish palette. While focused on supporting Vail’s future success, the design employs rich historical elements with meeting areas named in honor of communication pioneers. Photos of the old pressroom are also layered onto glazed partitions providing privacy while retaining lightness. Vail’s new office embraces history while supporting its dreams.

    Design: Eastlake Studio
    Photography: Steve Hall, Hedrich Blessing