John Good Shipping – Hessle Offices

  • Client John Good Shipping,
  • size 80,729 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location United Kingdom, Hessle, England,
  • Industry Transportation,
  • Ark Interiors completed the design and installation of one of the UK’s largest independent shipping and logistics firms, John Good Shipping.

    Situated in one of the UK’s most sustainable and innovative business parks, Bridgehead Business Park, the project is completed with open spaces and nautical themes to reflect the nature of the company. Throughout the process, Ark Interiors applied the nature of the business to the fit-out, ensuring the modern décor had relevance to the company’s operations

    The business park uses biomass boiler technology, daylight dimming lighting and solar power – with all these aspects taken on board to incorporate into the design and installation of the offices.

    The high quality of the finish to the offices ensure every client entering the headquarters leaves impressed with the company and its headquarters.

    Throughout the project, design agreements and product selections were part of a collaborative process due to the multiple group businesses being housed in the headquarters – this ensured the office benefitted each group business according to the specifications of the client.

    The entire project was completed by Ark Interiors from an empty new build shell to completion of the offices as seen in the pictures.

    Design: Ark Interiors
    Photography: Ally Byrom