CPP (The Myers-Briggs Assessment Publisher) – Sunnyvale Headquarters

  • Client CPP,
  • size 24,000 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Sunnyvale, California, United States,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • Blitz Architecture + Interiors has developed the new office space for the publisher of the Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment, CPP, which is located in Sunnyvale, California.

    CPP, the publisher and administrator of the Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment, recently purchased a new home for the 50+ year-old company. The move presented CPP with the opportunity to rethink not only their physical workspace, but also their entire workflow process. Looking to optimize their space requirements and improve inter-departmental communications, the company moved out of a 35,000 SF collection of private offices and oversized cubicles dispersed across different building wings and into a 24,000 SF single-story building in Sunnyvale with an open environment and no private offices.

    With such a dramatic change in their workplace, the process of effective change management and proactive communication to the office at large was critical to the success of the project – something CPP executed perfectly. CPP embraced the move as a wonderful new chapter in the evolution of the company. This adventurous energy and sense of optimism was infectious for the design team at Blitz, and the project’s light, bright, and (dare we say) happy vibe is a direct result of the client’s inspired vision.

    As CPP’s mission is to inspire everyone to know, use, and share the power of personality, the new space provided a great opportunity to optimize not only for space utilization but also for the variety of personality types present in the workforce. Although popular debate might lead one to think that designing for different personality types boils down to private offices for introverts, and open office space for extroverts, the spectrum of personality is much wider than just two types, and the resulting design approaches should be much more nuanced. In reality, each personality type will want each type of workspace at some point during the day.

    Blitz focused on offering a diverse palette of place, using creative solutions to improve space utilization at the same time. The work cafe, for example, houses multiple seating arrangements for different needs and includes a lounge, booths, benching, and cafe seating.

    Each department also has a team office which is tailored to its needs, whether it is a conference room or a more casual lounge space. The finished project ensures that even with a reduced footprint, everyone has access to his or her own preferred type of space.

    DesignBlitz Architecture + Interiors
    General Contractor: Skyline Construction
    Photography: Jasper Sanidad