Dynamit – Columbus Offices

  • Client Dynamit,
  • size 9,300 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location Columbus, Ohio, United States,
  • Industry Design,
  • GRA+D Architects has designed a new office space for Dynamit located in Columbus, Ohio.

    Dynamit, one of the fastest growing digital companies in the US, recently decided to break out of its cubicle-laden corporate headquarters and create a space that matched their creative company culture.

    Wanting to make the space their own, the new design was built around the way the company works – enclosed meeting rooms and areas for collaboration, but primarily an open workspace to encourage quick desk conversations and free idea sharing and spontaneous creativity.

    Designers helped bring the founders’ childhood-fantasy themed ideas to reality while integrating high utility in the space. The office features a Willy-Wonka style diminishing hallway, a room hidden behind a bookshelf, Clue-themed conference rooms and a graphic of the company’s skills and values laid out like the periodic table. Because it is an open-office, “phone booths” were constructed to allow for privacy and cut down on noise during longer phone conversations or conference calls. To help fuel office camaraderie, a large kitchen was constructed with local brews on tap and plenty of seating.

    Beyond the fantastical elements of the space, much of the materials used in construction of both the space and the furniture were sourced from the region, demonstrating the company’s pride in its hometown.

    The space is something the founders and employees are proud of because it not only reflects their personalities, but helps fuel creativity and collaboration among the staff.

    Design: GRA+D Architects
    Construction: Axis Construction
    Photography: Dynamit