Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies – Phoenix Corporate Headquarters

Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors has developed the new corporate headquarters for Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies new corporate headquarters is a story of Adaptive Reuse and Urban Renewal in Arcadia, a mixed-use neighborhood, in Phoenix, Arizona. This space started as an old Sam’s Club and transformed into an inviting corporate office.

With a desire to keep the character of the old warehouse, the original concrete floors were retained, but polished to a high sheen, and the ceiling pipes and ducts were painted a uniform white. Enormous fans hung from the ceiling, while wide skylights provide natural light. Stained wood lattices were also dropped from the ceiling to soften the industrial edge and define spaces.

Leslie’s wanted to create a space that was comfortable, open, and conducive to new lifestyles. At larger urban community tables with high chairs, team members can sit, think, meet, and spread out. Inspiring collaborative work and giving people a space away from their desks.

In the lunchroom fresh fruit, a Ping-Pong table, and rolling garage doors that open to an outdoor patio help to create the environment “conducive to new lifestyles” that Leslie’s desired.

One of the most distinctive elements is the pool theme that runs throughout, with pool lights illuminating the hallways, white noise that sounds like the surf filling the air and large custom wall graphics catching your eye around every corner.

Design: Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors
Photography: Dino Tonn Photography