Avito.ru – Moscow Offices

  • Client Avito,
  • size 114,969 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Meandre LLC has developed the new Moscow offices of Russian online classified company Avito.ru.

    Avito.ru is one of the most popular online classifieds services in Russia. The office was already occupying one floor at the White Garden business center. In 2014 client decided to move growing IT department to an extra floor at the same location. The main goal was to create a unique yet comfortable office with an open plan and closeness to nature.

    The concept nicknamed “Avito Village” was quickly developed – the idea of applying countryside lifestyle to modern office. This motto defined form and character of all premises, objects and even the space plan itself. The “village” has its’ main wood decking street with houses placed on the side. The “villagers” are placed off the main street in an open space areas. It is broken up with grass hillocks, informal communication areas, resting and playing zones. Every area has its own lighting scheme and mood.

    Ceiling is kept open to make space visually higher; slab is covered with Sonaspray acoustic covering. Each workplace is equipped with dimmable LED desk light to allow individual adjustments, while ambient lighting is provided by the ceiling mounted light fittings that provide half of the standard luminosity

    Reception desk is designed to resemble a pile of wooden fruit trays with real fruits available for employees and visitors to grab. The hinged tabletop can be closed to provide clean surface for visitors. There are hay-filled logo and sheep-formed stools to support overall office style and informal mood.

    The wardrobe looks like a barn with mosaic ceramic floors and top-hung sliding doors. Right after the wardrobe there is an informal zone – hayloft – with maze made of artificial grass and a wall with company logo and wall-mounted light fittings matching the theme.

    Along the main street houses of kitchen greenhouse, server room and metal-cladded meeting room are placed. Server room is hand-painted with flame pattern. Meeting room is entirely yellow inside with porthole windows opening into it. There is another cozy lounge area between two houses with star light wall and a floor standing birdcage. Four meters long fish tank stands just behind the meeting room. There is another meeting room further down the village street – elevated on a platform and looking like a tree house. There is one last informal zone at the far end of the office – with rocking chairs, sheep stools, black chalk wall and pivoting tree whiteboards.

    There are also wood fence walls with Avito logo embossed into them, wall with holders for different stuff and hammocks and walls with bespoke shelves, bookcases, wardrobe, sofas and beds for communication and rest. Also office has playing room with whole wall of fans and fruit ceiling.

    Design: Meandre LLC
    Project Architect: Nataliya Tinyaeva
    Project Engineer: Andrey Gavrilov
    General Manager: Gint-M
    Project Manager: Ekaterina Safronova, Sunbury Heights
    Photography: Andrey Shugay