Coworking Salt – Yekaterinburg Coworking Office

  • Client SALT,
  • Year 2014
  • Location Yekaterinburg, Russia,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • Esthet Design Lab developed the coworking office Salt, whose office expansion featuring large team rooms and private offices we published previously.

    Co-working office environment Salt has two advantages: on the one hand people who work here feel calm and comfortable as if they are at home, on the other hand they have the opportunity to concentrate on their work. There are no partitions in Salt so visitors can communicate to each other properly, meet friends, share new ideas much easier.

    We have economized on square meters and at the same time divided the office space into several very comfortable zones for relaxing, eating, working and etc. Creating co-working office environment we kept in mind the whole building consisted of the architecture elements which could be referred to as ‘neoclassicism’ that is why there were a lot of classical architecture elements with other architecture ones together. The classical structure, columns, ceiling module with stucco moulding, classical doors and centrally located lusters are the main components of the interior. For color style we have chosen white, grey, brown and beige because they are natural and harmony compatible. They also do not distract the attention or irritate. The floor was excellent itself and we just restored it and surfaced by special material. Our guests are crazy about the floor.

    Design: Esthet Design Lab
    Architects: Igor Kuznetchov, Vitalii Kodgevnicov
    Photographers: Nikita Polosov, Varvara Cashtanova