F5 Networks – Tel Aviv Offices

  • Client F5 Networks,
  • size 18,000 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Setter Architects has created a new office for leading application delivery networking company F5 Networks located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    The main objective that guided the planning process throughout the project, was to create a warm, dynamic, and fertile working environment for the employees; it is expressed in various forms throughout the project, by applying unique textures, colors and materials.

    The inspiration for the design is derived from the urban environment- bare concrete columns, graffiti covering the walls, oriental floor tiles, Arabesque – like patterns that adorn glass partitions, and more.

    The floor is composed of executive manager offices (located in the core), surrounding them are open space areas that relish the natural sunlight and the green scenic view.

    The space between the rooms and the open space areas is accompanied by an avenue of concrete pillars, each pillar is anchor to a unique light fixture that together form the feeling of walking down an urban street.

    The carpet that was selected is Grey in shade and street inspired, and at a glance it appears as if it were spray painted in a mustard like color.

    The chosen floor has a relatively low ceiling; as such the ceiling was planned with bare systems- an action that creates an industrial, dynamic look that uses the full height of the floor without the need for acoustic ceilings. The above mentioned systems were painted in white, in order to create the illusion of being consumed, all of which result in a bright, well-lit space. Due to the selection of clean and neutral colors, the design team was able to use vibrant colors in other elements throughout the office; top -to- bottom green partitions in the center, and colorful graffiti embellishing the concrete walls.

    Another element that emphasizes the urban vibe in the F5 offices, is the unusual choice to use OSB boards as open space partitions. Company mottos, values and images were graphically sketched atop the OSB (boards).

    The glass in the manager offices is garnished with semi- clear “Mashrabiya” textured stickers that create a sense of lightness, and function as a partial filter to and from the room.

    The cafeteria is the heart of the office, and the main meeting area for all employees; with its oriental floor tiles, black, industrial and spray- painted woodwork, decorative lighting fixtures all coming together to provide a unified stylish urban café feel.

    Design: Setter Architects
    Design Team: Reut Mey-Raz Wolf, Shirli Zamir
    Photography: Itay Sikolski