LinkedIn – Milan Offices

  • Client LinkedIn,
  • size 3,013 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Milan, Italy,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Il Prisma has designed the new offices of LinkedIn which act as the companies Italian headquarters and are located in Milan.

    The social network LinkedIn entrusted the workspace design of their the architecture firm Il Prisma. The new LinkedIn’s workplace concept originates from the idea of designing a Place of Transformation. A concept which fosters the sharing of corporate values and the creation of a team spirit, but also respected the individual moments of concentration and focus.

    A space to support a new way of working that would enhance the talents and diversity which would support the variety, the natural rhythm of the work and its balance with private life. These were the basis of the project, which reflects the brand values LinkedIn, excellence, passion, collaboration and transformation, but also the key characteristics of Italian team.

    The goal has been to develop a final design for the new offices of the Italian social network that will be innovative, not only functional, but also able to fully represent the company’s philosophy. The strategic approach started from the desire to create a unique concept with a global value that can be targeted for the single local realities through iconic elements. This allowed LinkedIn to reinforce its image as a global social network which creates value locally thanks to connections generated.

    Il Prisma used a scientific method called Redefine Your Habits, which seeks to understand the needs of all individual participants and to translate the information into physical space. The design process started with a creative workshop involving the whole LinkedIn team to understand in detail how employees identify themselves with the brand values. This information was processed into the design concept “The Places of Transformation”.

    Imaging LinkedIn as a magic box that turns virtual talents in excellence: the main objective of the social network is to generate connections to multiply the opportunities and possibilities of the individual who can seeks for new job opportunities. The design metaphor is therefore The Places of Transformation meaning environments where raw materials, symbolising the talent present in Italy, are translated into value both from a business and country’s productive excellence perspective.

    As far as Italy is concerned, 5 places have been selected as representative of Made in Italy, which by their nature, atmosphere and use better adapt to major work settings, such as theater, restaurant, tailoring, the cellar and the secret garden.

    These places are totally immersed in an environment characterized by the global values of the LinkedIn brand: connection, transformation, digital technology and dynamism.

    Design: Il Prisma
    Photography: Courtesy of Il Prisma