Procore – Carpinteria Offices

  • Client Procore,
  • size 20,000 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Carpinteria, California, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Kingdom Industry has designed a new office space for cloud-based construction management software company Procore located in Carpinteria, California.

    Perched on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Carpinteria, Procore, creators of the leading cloud-based construction management software, recently added 20,000 sq. ft. to their headquarter building. Fast-paced and innovative, Procore’s ethos almost demands an irreverent disregard for convention as they forge clear pathways through the often fragmented world of construction management. Kingdom executed an interior architectural design that follows suit, creating completely custom spaces that challenge occupants to throw off norms and think outside the box.

    “The design reflects the world as seen through the eyes of Procore and embodies their mission to forge paths of efficiency through a chaotic industry.” says Eric Corbett, owner of Kingdom. Employees encounter unusual angular spaces with surprising openings and architectural juxtapositions. Perpendicular walls sometimes never quite meet; separated by small vertical panes of glass. Environments often clash strongly into each other. These elements create striking visual pathways and vantage points, inviting people to see through obstacles and into other possibilities.

    The achieved aesthetic is an interesting balance of new and old, high-tech and raw industrial. Exposed structural steel, plumbing and electrical conduits, intentionally visible through semi-transparent surfaces and perforated walls, serve as a reminder of the inner-workings of the construction process, but are emphasized in a refined way. Geometric plywood clouds hang above the developers, as a representation of their cloud-based construction management software. Details such as these serve as constant reminders of their common mission and values, solidifying culture and unifying perspective.

    What’s unique about the Procore space is that it is truly original. The floor plan almost forces a custom articulation of every space. Much of the furniture was custom-made to fit odd spaces, unique finish details abound as the building’s angular layout all but rules out convention. However, even with the loss of convention, the design flows naturally. “The architecture is relentless in its presentation of unexpected environments. Every vantage point within the space is reminding us that innovation is about masterfully breaking rules.” says Eric Corbett

    Design: Kingdom Industry
    Photography: © James John Jetel, Inc.