Laptop – Paris Coworking Offices

  • Client Le Laptop,
  • Location Paris, France,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • Laptop is a coworking community located in Paris which was created by Pauline Thomas.

    The playground for freelancers, created by a freelancer – Originally Photographer, graduate from les Gobelins and l’ENSAD, Pauline Thomas explored the world as an Interactive designer, until she finally found her vocation in UX design. Pauline is now UX mentor and gives UX training for Digital agencies and students from Gobelins, Strate College, Paris EST University and Penninghen.

    As the user is the principal matter of her professional and artistic activity, create a space that offers productivity, collaboration and comfort becomes obvious when she comes back to Paris. Laptop is born.

    Based in a charming old workshop, in a yard of the 19th arrondissement, next to the park Les Buttes Chaumont, Laptop offers beautiful custom-made desks built by a carpenter. The meeting room and the kitchen have been constructed from scratch, conducted by the artistic direction of Pauline.

    But Laptop is much more than renting a desk, it’s being part of a warm, thoughtful and welcoming community, where you’ll be able to build your ecosystem and
    hopefully create projects together.

    Carpentry: David Martin
    Artistic Direction: Pauline Thomas
    Photography: Claude Weber, Pauline Thomas