Payguru – Istanbul Offices

  • Client Payguru,
  • size 2,260 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Mimaristudio has designed the offices of payment platform Payguru located in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Payguru is new generation payment platform which gives services like in-app, mobile and subscribed payment also meets all regulative requests. The firm went into an inside company transformation to adapt changing country and business conditions. They decided to start this change from their physical structure which is their office.

    Dynamic structure of the sector which Payguru is active and the young staff profile whom will be the new designs main users became the starting point for the design project. The liveliness in the interior architecture style and in the usage of materials in the finishes are references to these aspects of the company.

    The usage of daylight is prioritized in the planning process so that all of the workplace could benefit from natural light. After the relations between the different internal units of the firm are studied, the divisions between units are decided to be landscape elements. Especially the direct relationship between the office space and the garden boosted the landscape applications that are designed for the interior.

    When visitors enter the place, they arrive at a custom made welcome desk after passing through the entrance hall. By this desk area, where the general feeling of the space is captured, there is a hosting place which can be used not only by the visitors but also by the employees. The area which is diversified with a game console is also associated with the service kitchen nearby.

    The main space which is right after the entrance area is an open workspace with a balanced planning.

    The managers were not excluded from the “open working space” approach due to the companies’ inner organization. Separation is only emphasized in the groupings of the furniture and in the colors used. Also with this approach, senior management working units are solved in a semi open space on an 8 meter working line that also serves as a meeting table. In addition to these, a semi closed meeting room is designed for closed meetings.   

    Design: Mimaristudio
    Photography: Alp Eren