Infocomm Investments – Singapore Offices

  • Client Infocomm Investments,
  • size 23,910 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • SCA Design has developed the new offices of Infocomm Investments in Singapore to be reconfigurable for the various activities of the startups using the space.

    The new office of Infocomm Investments, also known as BASH (Build Amazing Startups Here), is a fun and vibrant space that adapts quickly to the needs of its users. Centrally placed hubs are highly visible, encouraging gatherings and interactions, while specially designed workstations can be adapted to accommodate future growth and expansion. To inspire users and visitors, the overall design is vibrant, lively and fun with an industrial edge, featuring colourful signage and themed areas throughout the space.

    The client, Infocomm Investments, builds and invests in Singaporean and global Infocomm technology start-ups to accelerate their growth. In building a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem for start-ups to flourish, they needed a space that would support training programmes, co-working environments, as well as networking events for visitors and occupants. Hence, their brief called for flexibility, mobility and adaptability of the space, as well as an environment that would motivate and inspire budding start-ups to develop their business ventures.

    The team addressed the client’s requirements by designing workstations that can be arranged in different ways to support various team configurations and workplace activities. The contemporary design demonstrates space optimisation through movable space dividers, privacy screens, as well as custom built ‘mobile booths’ that can be adapted into collaboration spaces or meeting areas. In addition to folding worktops and adjustable shelving cabinets, the designers have devised modules on castor wheels that feature open shelving, writable and corkboard surfaces (mobile booths) for users to segregate space easily as an alternative to the open office space. By having office furniture that is easily adaptable to suit their needs, occupants can use the workspace more effectively in accordance with the fast-paced world of Infocomm technology.

    BASH contains five different zones, each with its own brightly colour-coded overhead cable-trunking to help visitors to find their way around the space. Each zone is announced with the bold use of large signage that easily distinguishes the various areas from each other whilst maintaining the open concept look. Visitors first encounter The Brewery, which is a reception area that features “stadium seats” set against the wall to maximise the holding space within the zone. Following that is The Hatchery, a co-working environment featuring custom-built movable workstations; Chill, a shared breakout space with recreation elements; and The Factory, another co-working environment that features customisable workstations and ‘mobile booths’. The fifth zone is Mission Control, where Infocomm Investments sits.

    Together with maximised light entry to the entire space to allow for natural illumination and views of the outdoors, these elements create fun and comfortable work environment. This is further enhanced by the quirky and playful design of the cafe and chill out areas, which can be used for informal discussions. This open and conducive environment is inspiring and functional, thus providing young start-ups with a vibrant, socially engaging and intelligent workplace that reflects the needs of its users.

    Design: SCA Design – part of the ONG&ONG Group
    Project Director: Brandon Liu
    Project Designer: Johannah Posa, Belnice Chua
    Photography: Bai Jiwen