Springer Healthcare – Auckland

  • Client Springer Healthcare,
  • size 14,800 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Auckland, New Zealand,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • Stack has developed the new office of leading medical communications and education provider Springer Healthcare located in Auckland, New Zealand.

    After many years working in a traditional cellularised workplace within a 25 years + old building, Springer aspired to create a fresh and stimulating working environment that complemented the innovative processes used to deliver content to their clients worldwide.

    From an early stage Stack assisted Springer with a review of several properties before the team eventually committed to the selected site in Northcote with its magnificent views of Auckland City, Tuff Crater, Shoal Bay and the dormant volcanic island of Rangitoto. Maximising the access to these views was essential as the company sought to facilitate a workspace that enhanced collaboration and an appropriate balance between inspiring fresh innovative thinking and “library like” silence that those in journalism occasionally require.

    Aware that these needs warranted significant attention, Stack’s design team, led by Jesse James Smith, strategically placed the open plan areas near to the natural light allowing an almost impartial availability to the beautiful vistas. The workspaces were sized to allow for sufficient personal space and to engage in concentrative tasks. Additional flanking screens and a mixture of 1.2m-1.3m high screens were chosen during a trial mock-up process involving all staff. Furthermore storage & planting separate the circulation spaces from the workspace to limit distraction and to provide a healthy green band within the floor plate. Offices to the main work zone are internal, yet still enjoy views of Auckland City and Rangitoto.

    By not over allocating standalone offices, ample space was retained for collaborative functions. These glazed spaces deliver transparency and natural light is maintained throughout. Quiet spaces for individually focused or 2-3 person teams are also provided with a mixture of collaborative settings with varying degrees of privacy.

    The staff lounge reserves the pick of the vistas, a view over Shoal Bay to the City. The kitchen area evokes a sophisticated charm while large bench seats encourage relaxed interaction amongst peaceful surroundings. The largest informal meeting room breaks directly onto the kitchen allowing for a natural continuation of breakaway meetings. The dining area incorporates collaborative workstations for project teams and hot-desking. Power and data are accessible through all areas of the lounge to ensure it functions as well as an interactive work space as it does for play. The coffee point mimics the entry counter as a second hosting point.

    While not receiving regular visitors, entrance spaces and routes are welcoming to clients and staff alike. A “snake like” corridor naturally draws guests toward “the lounge” area. Soft directional lighting defines the approach and provides a warm ambience. The snake references allude to the long standing literary (albeit mythological) association of snakes amongst the medical fraternity. This is seen none more literally in the snake scale wall cladding to the main circulation route that wraps the central boardroom. The simple timber shingle, a familiar European vernacular, subtlety references the company’s now German ownership. However the modest use of timber and elsewhere soft curved forms reference Springer’s proud NZ heritage.

    Design: Stack