Sergey Makhno Architects – Kiev Offices

  • Client Makhno Studio,
  • size 2,152 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine,
  • Industry Architecture Firm,
  • Sergey Makhno Architects has developed a new office space and showroom for their architectural workshop in Kiev, Ukraine.

    There is a belief that minimalism is cold,monotonous and lacks individuality, however, in our case, it is creative, warm and expressive. Our office organically unites minimalism, loft elements, and articles of contemporary and classic art. This concept helps us to create a unique ambience for working environment , that like a mirror, reflects our character and inspires our guests towards bold design experiments.

    We used our favorite materials such as concrete, stone, glass, copper, brass, bronze, different wood species , plaster and ceramics. Combination of textures, light and dark contrasts deliver important to us dynamic interior.

    Our honored sculptors and artists complete the interior with their works of art, artists like Oleg Tistola, Sergey Radko, Nazar Biliy, Dmiti Grek and Yuriy Musatov. The most significant element in the workshop and at the same time the most radiant blotch against the grey concrete surfaces became luscious topical Epipremnum, draping one of the walls in the center of the office. Such fortunate placement lets everyone to view this vertical four meters tall garden from any point in the office.

    Concrete walls, textures, custom designed elements in combination with Ukrainian traditional ceramics create a unique mix of items and techniques that usually seem to conflict with each other . Most of furniture elements, lighting, and decor articles were created from Sergey Makno’s sketches.

    First what one will see walking into the office is the massive copper wall behind the reception desk, Dmitiy Grek sculptures and one of the main elements in the studio – a bronze sculpture called Rain by famous Ukrainian sculptor Nazar Bilyk.

    The interior reminds more of home space. Lighting, temperature and sound are regulated through the system “Smart House” from employees’ smartphones. There is also a comfortable kitchen, a shower, a guest zone, and a separated tea ceremony room, where it is customary to relax and enjoy an aromatic tea with friends.

    For important meetings and presentations there is a conference room, entrance to which is through a three meters high copper door from Oikos. In this space were used designers light fixtures, wood panels and chairs Elephant by Italian brand Kristalia. There over a thousand books about architecture from all over the world. Next to the rich library, stand exclusive collection of clay dishes, created by Ukrainian craftsmen a few centuries ago.

    Powerful elements of studio’s decor are unique collections of zoomorphic ceramics In Sergey’s office. Collections gracefully blend with concrete walls and colorful Aloft chairs from Marc Newson. Here are also collected works of talented artists, which bring a special mood to the minimalistic interior. Sculptures, designers’ items, light fixtures all together create not just a working space, but a real showroom of Ukrainian art and design.

    Design: Sergey Makhno Architects
    Sculptors: Nazar Bilyk, Dmitriy Grek, Sergey Redko, Yuriy Musatov
    Photography: Andrey Avdeenko