FLASH Entertainment – Abu Dhabi Offices

  • Client FLASH Entertainment,
  • size 11,840 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • M+N Architecture has designed the new offices of FLASH Entertainment located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

    With the newly completed project for the new offices of FLASH Entertainment at twofour54, M+N Architecture reconfirmed its ability to work with prominent clients to develop unconventional and customized designs for the working environment. The challenge this time focused on creating a strong brand identity with a highly flexible space.

    Such request of flexibility translated into an open space of 480 sqm (about half of the total project’s area) where two “snake-like tables” (respectively 58 and 22 metres in length) move between the existing columns creating sinuous shapes.

    The two custom-made tables allow employees to sit around the same working surface and freely interact and group into teams; indeed their structures and the cable management system were conceived and designed to emphasize such freedom without restricting employees to the typical individual/modular office desk concept. They also create areas for informal meetings, soft seating and printout binding.

    The space surrounding the central open space is used for semi-enclosed and fully enclosed offices for the management, HR, accountants, IT and meeting rooms.

    Great importance was given to the design of the ceiling in terms of aesthetics as well as technical performance. Lighting is fully LED and mostly custom-made to match the linear design of the two main tables in the open area and the board meeting room.

    Linear AC grills are strategically located in order to result almost invisible, without sacrificing on an even distribution of the air. All ceilings are in seamless gypsum boards, with most areas covered by perforated boards for better acoustic performance. Overall, the look of the ceiling is very neat and the lines created with the custom light fittings emphasize the geometry of the space by creating a very dynamic visual effect.

    In terms of colours, white is mostly used in order to keep the space simple and avoid chromatic confusion, together with few shades of grey; such choice also allows the colour of the parquet in natural oak to emerge and give a warm and welcoming feeling.

    The main entrance/reception area is reinvented as a space that is not just a waiting area but an interactive space where the visitors can learn and discover the history of the company, by walking through a suspended maze that showcases Flash’s memorabilia and also serves as a filter between the entrance and the operative area.

    Design: M+N Architecture
    Photography: Giulio Asso