JustOffice – Singapore Serviced Offices

  • Client JustOffice,
  • Year 2014
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • SCA Design has created a new office design of JustOffice‘s Asia Square serviced office location in Singapore.

    JustOffice is situated at a prime location at Asia Square. The idea of spatial fluidity is an essential element of the design concept, crucial to the division of office space into rows and grids as well as to the interaction amongst these subdivided spaces.

    Continuous calligraphic, ornamental patterns flow from wall to wall while colours on the carpeted floor play out like ink seeping through from
one floor to the other. Through the use of such design devices, the office space is cleverly shaped into fluid spaces that flow seamlessly into one another while clearly defining demarcated boundaries.

    The spatial dynamism of the space extends beyond its physical floor space. Taking full advantage of Asia Square building’s glass façade, ceiling-height glass panels are used to distinguish different areas. Besides maximising natural light penetration, the strategic use of these glass panels promotes visual connectivity and interaction among physically segregated spaces. This interplay of openness and boundaries is further heightened as one is treated to the unobstructed view of Singapore’s spectacular city skyline behind clear glass panels.

    Flexibility in construction completes the overall concept of spatial fluidity. Each suite can be reconfigured and merged to form larger pockets.

    By developing an articulate and dynamic relationship between the various spaces, JustOffice is successfully transformed into a unique and spatially dynamic environment that lends itself to supporting the business role and identity of its users.

    Design: SCA Design – part of the ONG&ONG Group
    Project Directors: Brandon Liu, Chrisandra Heng