REA Group Offices – Melbourne

  • Client REA Group,
  • size 75,939 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location Melbourne, Australia,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • futurespace worked with global real estate giant REA Group to deliver the world’s most agile working environment.

     As the real estate sector and the digital media industry grapple with the pace of change, REA Group’s corporate headquarters are designed to enhance innovation and agile working.

    After more than a decade, the parent company of,, and had outgrown its previous office space and had been searching for a new home that would energise staff and free them from the constraints of legacy technology and workspaces.

    REA Group chief information officer Nigel Dalton, the executive sponsor for the project said: “The pace of digital disruption we are experiencing requires a far more agile approach than ever before.

    Our key innovation is that from the inception of the building design, REA and interior design practice futurespace have woven together the principles of lean and agile product and software development with the architectural disciplines of activity based working.

    For REA that agility is a global requirement – connecting Italy, China, Luxembourg and Australia with building-wide high speed Cisco video.”

    Gavin Harris, Design Director, futurespace said: “Together with REA Group we have created a fast moving, flowing, visual and flexible workplace. It combines the best of our activity based working expertise and REA’s agile development philosophy to deliver an energising neighbourhood based working environment that is malleable to people’s needs.

    Knowledge, collaboration, connection and creativity are the currency at REA Group and the physical space has to support that. The investment in this design approach has palpable return on investment for any modern business whose main cost base is people, and whose competitive advantage comes from engaging the passion and creativity of every person in the workplace.”

    Photography: Nicole England