RetailMeNot Offices – Austin

  • Client RetailMeNot,
  • size 100,000 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Austin, Texas, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • STG Design has created the new office design of online coupon website RetailMeNot located in Austin, Texas.

    As the world’s largest marketplace for digital offers, RetailMeNot needed their headquarters to reflect their culture and fast-paced industry. A multi-phase, multi-floor project was designed to display the company’s vibrant and dynamic culture in an open, energetic space.

    The foundation of the design is based on the idea of turning the space into an immersive retail website. The visitor floor is laid out to represent a “home page,” providing a glimpse of RMN’s featured shopping categories. In lieu of a traditional receptionist, a barista working a fully-stocked coffee bar greets and directs clients and guests with a side of espresso. From there, guests have access to conference rooms and phone rooms, each categorically themed to mirror RMN’s digital retailer departments, such as automotive, home and garden, gaming and travel.

    Whether a huddle room aimed to inspire collaboration with a campground-inspired log seating, a board game conference table, or a jungle-like juice bar decorated with sound dampening “leaves,” function was not compromised when designing each space to epitomize its shopper centric industry. The end result is a playful yet functional space suitable for RMN’s continued growth as a consumer-inspired innovator.

    Design: STG Design
    Photography: Thomas McConnell, Jeff Ervin