KDS Offices – Paris

  • Client KDS,
  • size 21,528 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Paris, France,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Mobilitis has designed the new offices of travel and expense management solutions company KDS located in Paris, France.

    Over a period of 8 months in 2014-2015, Mobilitis helped KDS to revamp their real-estate strategy and to design their new global headquarters located in Paris.

    Creating their new office space has been a great pleasure. We started from scratch, watched the project evolve step by step and implemented many different and innovative ideas.

    We found the perfect space for KDS: a modern site with easy access to transport and natural lighting. But most of all, we created a space that perfectly reflects the KDS identity, values and ambitions and that will increase the company’s strengths. The colours chosen for the space reflect what KDS stands for: a collaborative and friendly working space which is meant to be a second home, encouraging communication and teamwork.

    We designed a flexible, adjustable and functional working environment that puts employee well-being first, providing staff with many high-tech facilities, such as air-plug screen projections, video conferencing, tactile screens and tablets for meeting room reservations.

    From now on, team members can spend time at the Walking Working stations, the PlayStation room, the Roulette-table room, the Zen room or in the central circle shaped meeting place called the “Agora”. Each team also has large whiteboard-walls at their disposal, to give them the ability to express themselves and “pods” allowing co-workers to isolate themselves to make a call, concentrate on a task, or improvise a quick huddle.

    KDS members even have their own pair of slippers to walk around the office, unless they want to jump on the hoverboard to get to their next meeting… work should also be fun, right?

    Design: Mobilitis
    Photography: Cyrille Lallement