BM Service Offices – Kiev

  • Client BM Service,
  • size 2,798 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine,
  • Industry Construction / Engineering,
  • Olga Prokopenko has designed thew new offices of engineering firm BM Service located in Kiev, Ukraine.

    The idea was to create on an office to inspire employees, where they would love to spend a lot of time of their life and to work with enthusiasm for their company. It made a contribution in forming attitutes of employees to their company and job, made creative and friendly atmosphere, and the company started to grow rapidly. The space encourages creativity and work process. People, that work for the company adore their job, and sometimes even sleep in the office as they consider their office as a second home and are inspired with what they do, that is why we have there sofas, not only for lounge zones and meetings.

    There are loft style elements like concrete ceiling and column, that are as a result of existing situation – low ceiling and lots of ventilation, and beautiful texture of concrete. Colour acсents were made to add more fun into the office life, wood to add warmth. The majority of furniture is made individually, table’s tops slide and there you you have an access to the electrical outlets.

    Design: Olga Prokopenko
    Photography: Andrey Mikhaylov