M.O.O.CON Offices – Vienna

  • Client M.O.O.CON,
  • size 6,700 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Vienna, Austria,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Propeller Z has developed the new activity-based offices of M.O.O.CON located in Vienna, Austria.

    Knowledge work is more detached from spatial and temporal constraints than ever before. Work is done in the office, on a client’s premises, in a coffee shop or on the go; from nine to five or on flexitime, alternating between concentration and communication, standard procedures and creative independence.

    Even in the office, the times in which the desk was the only available workstation are history. This paradigm shift implies the need for new working environments and services which cater for the high degree of mobility accompanying contemporary knowledge work. In their role as advisors for identity-establishing and sustainable properties and services, by launching the M.O.O.CON home.base in Vienna the company has created a fully operational pilot establishment that provides a broad spectrum of different work modules to support their varied operations.

    Based on seven different types of work (carrying out, focussing, developing, collaborating, networking, learning and recuperating), ten room modules have been developed. Based on their individual properties, such as construction and equipment (open/closed, room acoustics, lighting, furnishing etc.), these diverse modules cater for either communicative or silent work. For example, workshop and meeting rooms or areas are being used for tasks requiring a high degree of communication while focus rooms and cubicles serve the purpose of independent work demanding a higher level of concentration. Moreover, there are a development lab, two desk rooms featuring structured open space solutions for routine independent or team work, and a lounge as well as a colourful seating area for recuperation.

    All of these modules are available to all members of staff and provide ample space for each employee and their individual tasks.

    Design: Propeller Z
    Photography: M.O.O.CON/Walter Oberbramberger & Hertha Hurnaus