Bytedance Offices – Beijing

  • Client Bytedance,
  • size 161,458 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Beijing, China,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Greenspace has developed the new offices of tech company Bytedance located in Beijing, China.

    Different from other normal office project, this project monolayer area is near 5000sqm, depth around 60m.What’s more, the height of many glass lighting belts and glass skylights can reach up 15m, which also is a big challenge both for design and build.

    Bytedance is IT technology company and their design requirement are to make more comfortable working environment, to ensure the efficient communication teamwork , to create enterprise’s characteristic and give the sense of science and technology. So after several rounds of communication with customers, we made the first floor as main reception and office floor, the second floor as main office floor and the ground floor as conference center and staff restaurant. Because their is so many employees and the office’s depth is too long but the floor is not high , the first floor’s natural lighting is very limited. So we consider try to make the workstation by the window and the conference room in the middle. Also design the whole floor workstation area in different colour, so that it can not only reduce the noise in a large open office area but also make the lighting insufficient area somewhat dynamic because of the colour.