Paperwork Offices – Bangkok

  • Client Paperwork,
  • size 3,000 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Bangkok, Thailand,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • Paperspace has developed the new coworking offices of Paperwork located in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Life is short. Work somewhere awesome.

    Paperwork is in all ways where one should work according to its tagline: a stylish hub which looks more like a cross between a comfy living room and a café instead of a traditional office. With neutral colors, modern aesthetics and vibe which offers clients freedom to move around, Paperwork is a friendly and peaceful workspace environment in the heart of Sathorn Bangkok CBD.

    Professional and sabai sabai — In Paperwork, there is no divide between professionalism and the easy going, friendly and humorous Thai culture. It instead pushes a marriage between a chill demeanor and honest-to- goodness, legit work, because Paperwork believes that success does not necessarily come from laboring harder, but on being happy and content with your work. Its design does just that: to encourage creativity, efficiency and collaboration within the space for a better workplace experience and, eventually, success.

    At the entrance, instead of a traditional reception counter, guests are welcomed by a saleng (a pushcart for peddling street food), over which a coffee maker sits. To the right, an authentic coffee table set that used to be in the family noodle shop of one of Paperwork’s co-founder, and behind a clothes rack from which hangs recent projects and design magazines.

    The conference room is isolated from the coworking space by a glass wall and a black frame. For practical reasons and to elevate its formality and professional feel, the dominant color of the interior is black and embellished with lighting which serves both for adequate illumination and to add drama without drawing attention away from the presentation area. It also comes equipped with a high-spec video conferencing facility for meetings even with remote participants, and the decorations which flaunt books imposes an intellectual impression. The overall elegance of the meeting space juxtaposes the playfulness in the rest of the office.

    The open coworking area has plenty of soft, natural light. It also provides a variety of surfaces and seating options to its clients: whether they would rather work on a desk, occupy the sofa, or would be most comfortable over a bar stool. Lastly, its windows feature a prized, picturesque view of the branches of a great tree, which adds a feel of Mother Nature’s serenity into the space in addition to its already tranquil and creative vibes.

    This is the place to meet, create, work and grow!

    Design: Chanidapa Marpraneet / Paperspace
    Photography: Chaichoompol Vathakanon