Phoenix Design Offices – Stuttgart

  • Client Phoenix Design,
  • size 2,690 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Stuttgart, Germany,
  • Industry Design,
  • Ippolito Fleitz Group has developed the new offices of Phoenix Design located in Stuttgart, Germany.

    Phoenix Design in Stuttgart is one of the world’s leading product and interface design studios. The studio has received over 700 design awards since it was first founded in 1987 – the last 400 of which in the past eight years. Today Phoenix Design has over 60 employees in Stuttgart, Munich and Shanghai. We addressed the complex task of spatially portraying the corporate philosophy of Phoenix Design, while taking internal team processes and secrecy specifications into account. The result is an inspiring, open-plan office concept.

    A simple, white reception counter greets visitors. The wall behind it flows into the ceiling in a gentle curve while a mirrored wall expands the room. A shimmering green carpet underscores the surprisingly poetic ambience. Metallic, lightly iridescent, mirrored parsol lamella indicate a linear zone of movement, which also constitutes the backbone of the space. Monitors support the spatial pull. Changing visual relationships form ever new, coherent spatial impressions through the superimposition of installations and surfaces.

    An important key to well-being in the workplace are good acoustic conditions, especially in open-plan office spaces. Upholstered fabric covers, wallpapers and curtains all contribute towards creating a pleasant acoustic environment.

    The project room also satisfies the central theme of flexible working. With a few simple hand movements it can be opened into an extended kitchen area, the communicative heart of the office. The long wall of the conference room supports the creative approach and workflow with a completely writeable, magnetic coat of paint.

    The open space concept enables diverse ways of working to be integrated into one whole. Fixed and non-territorial workstations, team offices, workshop rooms and spatial retreats support concentrated work and informal communication. A modern and inspiring work environment transforms the office into a home from home: a place where well-being is paramount. And if your well-being is being well looked after, you can be even more motivated, productive and of course creative.

    Design: Ippolito Fleitz Group
    Photography: Zooey Braun