AvivaSA Digital Garage Offices – Istanbul

  • Client AvivaSA,
  • size 1,991 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Technology,
  • TeamFores Architecture has designed the new offices of AvivaSA located in Istanbul, Turkey.

    The “Digital Garage” for the penthouse of the Headquarters of AvivaSA by Istanbul based TeamFores Architecture, has been shaped with a dynamic and creative work concept combined with an industrial style.

    The AvivaSA Digital Garage office, which is designed by TeamFores Architecture and built on an area of 185 m2 at the penthouse of the AvivaSA Headquarters in Istanbul, has been created with a design language in which each detail presents a functional solution, and where an industrial style is adapted to the office structure with dynamic colors and touches. In this office design where there are four separate indoor sections and a terrace garden there is the perfect harmony of natural wood, steel materials, and innovative products. The target was to create a warm, flexible, and productive environment in the AvivaSA Digital Garage office and it differs from standard offices with its functional and enjoyable working areas.

    The indoor sections separated from one another by removable components have been equipped with functions enabling meetings, presentations, and internal dialogues to be made without disturbing the other employees. Decorative flowerpots and multi-purpose hooks have been hung on the wire meshes used as separators between the sections. In the AvivaSA Digital Garage office where there are no defined closed rooms, comfortable and enjoyable furniture have been selected from the Derin Design collection and some are custom made for the sections separated within the single area. And again the Spun Chair designed by Thomas Heatherwick selected from the Magis product range of Wonderpus has been used to gave a different look to the environment.

    The working environment, which can be united and separated according to the needs with moving mechanisms and furniture, reflects the targeted dynamic office design in the best way. The portable wire mesh mechanisms enable practical use of materials such as presentation papers, etc. during meetings.

    The AvivaSA Digital Garage office where institutional colors such as blue, green and yellow have been used evenly has developed a dynamic identity with linear ceiling lightings. Everything that needs to exist in an office, from file cabinets to a cloakroom, from caissons to desks, have been placed in an industrial style at the AvivaSA Digital Garage office, and also enjoyable meeting corners have been created for working comfortably and productively. This area, which has been furnished with a swing and specially designed moving chairs, has been planned as an area where the employees can sit, taking only their laptops for presentations and intimate meetings. The sitting unit, made up of swings placed around a fixed table on the terrace on the other hand allows the users to have colorful and creative experiences.

    Design: TeamFores Architecture
    Photography: DERYAATICI Fotoğraf Tasarım Atölyesi