KWERK Coworking Offices – Paris

  • Client KWERK,
  • size 33,000 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Paris, France,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • Albert Angel and Lawrence Knights have designed the new coworking offices of KWERK located in Paris, France.

    Born out of the imagination of its two founders, Albert Angel and Lawrence Knights, KWERK is a coworking space designed to make working fluid, inspiring and creative. More than a workplace, KWERK is a state of mind: openness, curiosity and creativity. The aspiration is to bring together all those who share a quirky state of mind and an enterprising spirit, no matter their industry.

    The creative duo has designed the workspace they might find on their travels around the world with the experience is between boutique hotel design, stage design and the art gallery.

    As a boutique hotel, each floor is different, comfort is the priority, gym, human size, is equipped with cardio machines, and has changing rooms with individual showers and adjoining yoga room.

    As in a theater, the curtains in the reception booth and space for telephone ner are red, the carpet of the grand staircase is red, the edge of a hundred pounds of the large meeting room is red.

    Lastly, the windows of the large lobby protect artworks enigmatic (see “What is it? Page 10), the forbidden courtyard terrace is an exhibition space, and even in the yoga room , a large international rosary questions the relationship between art and craft.

    Part of the furniture was created on-measurement by Albert Angel and Bali made in its workshops with great attention to comfort and beauty.

    Design: Albert Angel, Lawrence Knights