Suunto Offices – Vantaa

  • Client Suunto,
  • Year 2015
  • Location Vantaa, Finland,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • Rune & Berg Design has developed the new offices of sport watch manufacturing firm Suunto located in Vantaa, Finland.

    Suunto’s headquarters and production lines are situated in Vantaa, the capital region of Finland. A decision was made to renew the buildings office and social spaces to improve the user experience of both employees and visitors. Suunto holds in great value the time and effort spent on designing a good user experience for their own products. The same quality of design and research was taken into account by Rune & Berg Design as they explored the world of Suunto employees and brand. Through interviews and workshops, the designers were able to form a picture of what the renewed space should offer its users.

    An activity based office and its variety of different types of workspaces provides Suunto’s employees flexibility and possibilities within their own workday and different ways of approaching issues. The spaces encourage teamwork and also random interaction between staff members that would not normally interact through work and processes. The social spaces of the production side of the building were renewed to provide a more functional and yet more appealing place for staff to start and end their workdays, as well as spend time during lunch and coffee breaks.

    Suunto’s “heart” is situated in the center of the office wing. This heart area was designed to cater both employees and visitors. The main purpose of the area is to provide employees a space to test their ideas and thoughts by reaching their customer and end user. Suunto employees get valuable information and feedback on the customer’s experience by social media that is projected onto screens in the area. The heart area gives a platform for employees to discuss their thoughts, host events, have ad hoc meetings and share valuable information that gives yet more insight on what the Suunto customer needs and wants.

    The heart area is a visually striking and interesting space that is surrounded by meeting rooms. Through both the heart area and inspiring meeting rooms, visitors get a clear picture of what Suunto represents – courage, genuinity, quality and impeccable design.

    Design: Rune & Berg Design
    Photography: Meeri Utti