MullenLowe Offices – Bucharest

  • Client MullenLowe Group,
  • size 25,833 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Bucharest, Romania,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Manole Zece has designed the new offices of advertising agency MullenLowe (formerly Lowe&Partners) located in Bucharest, Romania.

    This project is intended to create an environment that incites and cultivates creativity.
    The concept is gravitating around 2 stories for grown-ups, namely Le Petit Prince and Alice in Wonderland.

    Though we are convinced that they would have been best friends , we didn’t try to bring these characters into our project. It was rather the other way : we tried to bring the team of MullenLowe Romania inside their magic worlds. From the beginning we had to deal with some features of the existing space:all four floors had a low high that was underlined by a long and narrow space and a fragmented façade .

    For the open space we used simple materials and forms to create a neutral background for the ‘event’ rooms (conference call room, meetings, cafeteria, brainstorming room). To solve the severity and linearity of the space we used the jags of the ceiling and floor , in a different colour on each floor.

    The fragments and characters of the two stories are inserted only in the ‘event’ spaces, more like a scavenger hunt: a plane through the clouds, a reception desk like a caterpillar, a contorted yellow furniture, some oversized tea cups in the cafeteria, serving as lighting objects

    Design: Manole Zece
    Design team: Adriana Frunza, Alexandru Csomos, Sorin Bleanda
    Photography: Petru Frunza