Novatec Group Offices – Valencia

  • Client Novatec Group,
  • size 1,991 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Valencia, Spain,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Tiovivo Creativo has designed the new offices of automotive component manufacturer Novatec Group located in Valencia, Spain.

    Novatec was looking the way to capture their experience and identity in their facilities located in Valencia (Spain), more specifically in the office area.

    As we discover the company’s facilities and their different manufacturing processes, we realized the high organizational and technological level necessary to “assemble” all perfectly. This concept, along with the sophisticated installation equipment, was the key to design this space.

    We’ve tried transmitting the order and effectiveness in the company neuralgic area, through a framework of steel metal structures, which in turn it provide us the distribution and zoning of space. As can be seen, there’s a spinal column depicting the manufacturing process as if it were an assembly line. The structure consists of a “technological tangle” which is divided into 5 “arms”, one for each demanded team by the customer (logistics, projects, production, quality and engineering / design). Thanks to the distribution created through the metal structure, and separators / glass writing boards, we achieve some privacy for each team members, but in turn, an easy communication between them. Thus we get, as if it were a chain production, “engage” the team work perfectly.

    For create space, we have played with polymers and metals mostly, referring to manufacturing materials employed by the company. Of this way, everything has the same language; the entire whole plays the same role.

    The design creates a complex geometric space that linked to transparency, to indirect lighting, to glass and to the white background; it creates a dynamic and industrial space, but at the same time an elegant space. The design will transport you to inside of the machine and will make you part of it…

    Design: Tiovivo Creativo
    Photography: Juan F. González