Edgar Development Offices – Vancouver

  • Client Edgar Development,
  • size 4,285 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Vancouver, Canada,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • DIALOG has designed the new offices of Edgar Development located in Vancouver, Canada.

    DIALOG’s Vancouver interior design team completed a stunning new commercial office space for up-and-coming company Edgar Development in the MNP Tower in Vancouver, Canada. Inspired from a simple photograph of a ‘mountainscape’, DIALOG designed Edgar’s 4,285 sq. ft. office to reflect a crisp, clean, white mountain of ice to bring the outdoors in and create a grounded space for employees to flourish.

    ”We are a family run business and in order to stay competitive you have to create a memorable experience for both the employee and client. Echoing those values in your office space can make a big difference in your relationships at the end of the day,” says Peter Edgar, President of Edgar Development. “With DIALOG on board, our new office was designed with our future in mind and we are already seeing firsthand the benefits from clients and employees. Interestingly enough, most people don’t want to seem to leave once they arrive.”

    Upon entering the new office, one is greeted with a 40-foot backlit mountain of which all other design aspects are positioned around. The mountainscape is centered to allow natural daylight to filter in from all sides of the office, and the space reflects rocklike formations that compress, expand and frame a visitor’s experience. The most unique aspect is the angular 3D faceted meeting areas made from different tones of felt, which naturally resembled ‘cracks’ in the rock formations, that serve as highly acoustical meeting areas a.k.a ‘Man Caves’, a term generated by the Edgar family.

    DIALOG believes that great interior design should tell a story that draws on the character of the community and where people work. With Edgar, everything relates whole-heartedly to the concept of the faceted mountain. As if looking up to the top of a mountain, the Edgar office is now easily recognizable by the beam of light located in the tip of the staff eatery, allowing anyone from street level to see the office within a five-block radius.

    Design: DIALOG
    Photography: Ema Peter Photography