Riksbyggen Offices – Malmö

  • Client Riksbyggen,
  • size 11,840 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Malmö, Sweden,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • Ideas AB has designed the new offices of real estate company Riksbyggen, located in Malmö, Sweden.

    Allowing your tasks to control where you do your work, is undeniably the best way – and the team behind Ideas was well aware of the fact when designing this office. The combination of private rooms, and open landscape present endless ways of productivity. Whether it is a creative meeting where speech should flow freely or complete, quiet focus you are after, there is a specific place that will fit your need. Furthermore, the entire space was carefully designed to align with the unique values of the company and filling the requirements of efficiency.

    The setting that is Riksbyggen’s office is strategically placed in Hyllie. Malmö’s new, expansive and attractive district which additionally provides the office with views of Öresund and Denmark. It stretches over two floors where the ground floor possesses an open, warm and inviting climate. Meeting rooms alternate with showroom, along with an elegant cafe. Clients, staff and friends are welcome to enjoy a coffee and savor the alluring atmosphere. The bar in stainless steel, the lush plant wall behind the reception, the accent colored lounge chairs and the sound absorbent clouds in the ceiling generates a modern and appealing entity.

    The secret to balancing creativity and efficiency lies in the wealth of details which in this case is subtle and tasteful, yet playful. In short, it is a space where feeling at home is a matter of course.

    Design: Ideas AB
    Photography: Markus Linderoth