Trading Technologies Offices – Singapore

  • Client Trading Technologies,
  • size 5,100 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Kyoob-id has designed the new offices of software company Trading Technologies, located in Singapore.

    Kyoob-id’s Director Michelle Goh says: “TT has wanted their new office at Marina View to be inspiring to staff. The corporate identity of Trading Technologies has to be evident as well. Based on the input, we’ve thought of creating a space that is atypical of financial or trading companies. This drove the design thinking process.”

    Senior Designer Marcus Yeo continues: “The design thinking led us to develop a space that would evoke the emotions of the staff going through the workweek as a means of inspiration. The office is thus designed with different work moods for staff to enjoy and find inspiration in. Friday moods for example are usually more fun and casual and we’ve incorporated these moods into the pantry.”

    Monday is the fresh start to the week and this mood is portrayed in the reception. The reception is styled with an open and airy concept with full-height glass doors letting in maximum daylight for a burst of fresh energy for the new week. The rectilinear wooden-grained reception counter is fitted with a simple cream panel that adds to the office’s modern appeal.

    Fridays are great for chilling out and this mood is exemplified in the pantry area, which is styled with eclectic furnishings and warm moods. Warm timber infuses the pantry from walls to flooring amid an industrial-inspired décor, evidenced in the steel-blue door frame, metallic-sheened wall cabinets and black exposed ceiling. For a hint of local culture, interesting vintage Peranakan kitchen tiles frame the counter backsplash.

    Tuesdays to Thursdays are lived in the Techie’s hub, the general work area, which is kept clean and crisp with simple finishing and monochromatic hues. The areas near the windows are deliberately left bare to let in light to fill the space, keeping staffs engaged and connected with the external surroundings when they need to work through the nights.

    The design has received positive feedback from the staffs at TT who generally feel that the office is a welcoming difference to the old one. TT’s Vice President, Global Facilities, Doris Oshana says:” Kyoob-id did an excellent job creating a distinctive, modern, comfortable office that reflects our unique company culture and brand. The thoughtfully designed space encourages productivity, collaboration and relaxation, all of which are equally important to our team.”

    Design: Kyoob-id
    Photography: courtesy of INFINITUDE