Pacific NorthWest LNG Offices – Vancouver

Unison Construction Management has designed the new offices of energy company Pacific NorthWest LNG, located in Vancouver, Canada.

In order to cultivate a sense of corporate culture, much focus was placed on the kitchen and communal break room. Instead of a typical open plan office, Pacific NorthWest LNG opted to stick with a more traditional floor plan with private offices and workstations, but instead focused employee interaction around the kitchen; stocked with amenities and a spacious cafeteria, it provides a place of relaxation and socialization for employees.

Custom details, such as the branded rugs and cooler, were used throughout the space to truly brand the office as their own. With the aim of creating a custom tailored space Pacific NorthWest LNG worked closely with Unison’s team of in-house interior designers in order to create a workplace that exuded the PNW brand. Accents of the brand’s signature hue of blue are interspersed throughout the office in the form of colored walls and upholstery.

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