Tangoe Offices – Bangalore

Oculus Design Studio has designed the new offices of IT software company Tangoe, located in Bangalore, India.

Tangoe is a leading global provider of IT Expense Management software and services to a wide range of global enterprises and service providers. Tangoe’s technology and services platform designed to help companies transform the management of IT assets, services, expenses, and usage to create business value, increase efficiency, and deliver a positive impact to the bottom line.

Tangoe wanted a new age workplace that would reflect the company’s culture , foster collaboration, efficient and functional.

Workplace design firm Oculus Design Studio, worked closely with the Tangoe Indian leadership, to create a workplace that would be timeless, attract Workforce, Retain, Engage and Perform. The floor plan provides a whole range of touch points for meetings, bold social spaces with character having flexible collaborative furniture, high-speed wireless connectivity and plug points in all parts of the office, seating options ranging from sofas to stools and office chairs and furniture that can be moved around for impromptu meetings are all ideas that emerged from the need for greater mobility and an “activity-oriented” office.

The workspaces have dedicated quite rooms, collaboration zones, vertical writing surfaces along with meeting rooms acts as an epicentre for all the energy and vibrancy which radiates through the workspace. These spaces are specifically designed to Boost Productivity, Effectiveness and Quality of workplace.

The overall office is minimalistic in design to reflect harmonious blend of material, technology and colours. The cafeteria has its specific design character: a balanced use of natural rustic material with synthetic polished surfaces.

The over-all design provides a visual treat to the users, Increases communication, encourages teamwork and more fun.

DesignOculus Design Studio
Photography : Mani Iyer