BP Lower 48 Offices – Oklahoma City

  • Client BPX Energy,
  • size 12,820 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Fitzsimmons Architects have designed the new offices of gas producer BP Lower 48, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

    BP is a leading producer of gas found in extremely dense rock formations, with production in Oklahoma dating back to the early 1960s. At the beginning of 2015, in a sign of its growing Oklahoma footprint, BP opened a regional office in Oklahoma City which serves as a hub for their U.S. Pipelines and Logistics business.

    BP wanted their offices to reflect the changing climate of their company. They wanted to attract a younger professional workforce with a non-corporate atmosphere that was unlike anything they had worked in before — not stuffy and slick.

    The goal was to create a showpiece that is comfortable to be in and a place that respects the patina and history of the building, which was a historic tax credit project. Security was also a priority.

    A plan was launched to balance the inherent conflict of the small office environment and privacy. Several flex spaces allow for large and small meetings as well as impromptu conversations.

    The new offices are located within the first and second floors of a historic building with prominent features including an operable overhead door and a large concrete automotive ramp. The ramp was repurposed to become a main processional stair with break-out meeting platforms.

    Glass walls, rough-sawn wood and raw steel come together to create a modern yet intimate workplace.

    DesignFitzsimmons Architects
    Photography: Joseph Mills Photography