CEOFFICE Showroom and Office – Moscow

  • Client CEOffice,
  • size 3,229 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Industry Design,
  • CEOFFICE has designed the new offices of their firm, located in Moscow, Russia.

    In 2016, CEOFFICE LLC (founded in 2013) – a Russian professional team from Moscow opened its new 2-level showroom in ARMA office park. Company is providing a full scope of services to commercial and private customers, from design to selection of materials, construction and renovation work, project management and turnkey solutions.

    CEOFFICE has created a unique space, to combine innovations and creativity. Here, the customers get a first-hand-knowledge of new trends. Built back in 1865, a historical building is now a new home for CEOFFICE. Its 150-year old brick masonry has inspired the architects to integrate modern furniture and accessories into classical interiors.

    First “office” floor includes traditional zones: reception, management office, backoffice open space and informal meeting area both divided by a classical bespoke wooden island. 2nd level is a replica of early XX century English living-room: marble-faceted fireplace with natural fire, Alleegass 1912 armchairs, Holland carpets. The parquet design is a traditional ‘English tree’ with spacing. The place features a 3-meter meeting desk made of a 150-year-old wild European walnut massif.

    “Our trademark is application of wood, brass, bronze, objects of art, hot-rolled steel elements and liquid metals into premium environments”, – commented Anna Cherkasova, CEOFFICE Managing Partner.

    Photography: Dmitry Mozharov