LinkedIn Offices – Munich

  • Client LinkedIn,
  • size 19,375 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Munich, Germany,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services, Technology,
  • Il Prisma has designed the new offices of social networking service LinkedIn, located in Munich, Germany.

    The DACH area is the heart of Europe, a unique land split in different countries but with common roots, celebrated worldwide for its excellences .

    The LinkedIn Munich office was designed as “The DACH Gate”, a metaphorical portal that, being a strategic asset for the cultural and economic development, attracts people, feeds talent, creates energy and is able to transform the world thanks to the synergies that creates.

    “The DACH Gate ” represents a new way of developing the economic and cultural aspects of the region in order to create excellences.
    Six themes have been selected with the help of the local team to represent the uniqueness of this area.
    While the reception area represents the global values of the brand with a local touch through an immersive arrival experience, all spaces are organized around the ‘’Landmarke’’ area, where the DACH nature inspires an iconic All Hands area. The central space leads to a breakout area where natural materials are integrated with modern appliances, and where an alpine-chic treehouse is dedicated to informal meetings.

    The ‘’Zeitmaschine’’ area is inspired by shapes, materials and lines of the watchmaking industry of the region, and permeates a neat and clean design of meeting rooms integrating also with memories of the building history.

    The ‘’Konzertsaal’’ area, with its iconic Carillon mezzanine and a classic waiting area-foyer, is inspired by the DACH tradition of classical music.

    The ‘’Wiege der Technik’’ uses modern materials and shapes to celebrate the ‘technological’ spirit of the DACH region, combining the advanced research and innovation with a wild territory.

    The ‘’Klettersteig’’ is a lounge area, inspired by the DACH mountains and climbing paths, where stone and wood are modelled to create an intimate space.

    The ‘’Kunst-straße’’ is inspired by the DACH region locations in which Art is celebrated and it’s characterized by meeting rooms and relaxing areas evoking art galleries and a ‘’Skulpture Karden.’’

    DesignIl Prisma
    Photography: Courtesy of Il Prisma