Sequoia Consulting Offices – San Mateo

Huntsman Architectural Group has designed the new offices of consulting group Sequoia Consulting, located in San Mateo, California.

Sequoia Consulting is an innovative consulting firm providing business strategies for benefits, HR, and risk management. For their new San Mateo headquarters, the design team was tasked with creating a refined, sophisticated space that enhances employee collaboration and communicates company values to staff and visitors.

Huddle rooms, collaboration pods, phone rooms and various sized meeting spaces are placed directly adjacent to the work areas ensuring that team work environments are within reach but never disruptive. A large touchdown space in the center of the open plan serves employees visiting from other offices. The kitchen is a flexible gathering space for employees to socialize, work, or relax. Complete with private booths, a communal table, and beer on tap, the space encourages interaction.

References to Sequoia trees are found throughout the space from abstract wall decals to the live wood edge table in the break room. These subtle references serve as a foundation to express the culture and mission of the company through client quotes and core values. The resulting visual language successfully translates Sequoia’s story into a branded and innovative office environment.

Design: Huntsman Architectural Group
Photography: Anthony Lindsey