ZEO Alliance Offices – Kiev

  • Client ZEO Alliance,
  • size 86,000 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine,
  • Industry Construction / Engineering,
  • Soesthetic Group has designed the new offices of engineering company ZEO Alliance, located in Kiev, Ukraine.

    Office interior for a young and quickly growing IT-company called ZEO Alliance was created for 3 years. We have developed dozens of unique solutions and put the soul in every detail. Interior designers, graphic designers and clients used an innovative agile approach while planning. This made our team work cohesive and flexible.

    ZEO Alliance office is an openspace. Different zones introduced as separate cubes or boxes. It is not only the interesting design method, but also the way of soundproofing the space. Every floor has its own basic color and the name according to the alphabet: the first floor is A – Allience, the second is B – Believe, the third is C – create and etc. An elevator portals are decorated with metal and glass with built-in screens that translate interesting facts about company: todays birthdays, peer’s success, outside weather and etc. The energy center of the office is Matrix-style reception desk covered with bundles of wires to hide a column.

    Lots of elements such as door knobs, wardrobe furniture, decoration elements from popular computer games and even gaming analogue of the tree house were made exclusively for this office. According to the SOESTHETIC GROUP philosophy almost all pieces of furniture were made in Ukraine.

    ZEO Alliance office is the winner of IIDA Global Excellence Awards in Corporate Space Large category.

    DesignSoesthetic Group
    Design Team: Victoria Oskilko, Natalia Shchyra, Maksym Parokonnyi, Anna Kaplonska, Svetlana Mazurenko, Dmitry Kozinenko.
    Graphic design: Ilya Nepravda, Pavel Velichko