Gjirafa Offices – Prishtina

  • Client Gjirafa,
  • size 2,691 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Prishtina, Kosovo,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Madengroup has designed the new offices of internet tech company Gjirafa, located in Prishtina, Kosovo.

    Gjirafa business’ main request was to create spaces that would give a serious and professional sense of feeling. In comparison to “Gjirafa.com” offices who were designed to create a cozy and friendly environment.

    The designation of the entrance in the center of the two offices, has defined the symmetrical importance for the 2 branches of the company. Having “Gjirafa.com” on the left and “Gjirafa.biz” on the right of the entrance. The entrance was designed to create an impression of uniqueness and cleanliness, by using the power of black color in the main hallway.

    The exceptional lighting elements on the hallway create a memory for the client associated with the Gjirafa office. The lighting of the elements functions with sensors according to the movements which conveys the technological developments of the past decades. The other part of the office has been designed for a more quiet and serious environment. While in the back end of the “Gjirafa.biz” offices, we have covered a wall with 1 plane side of the container that we have used in the “Gjirafa.com” offices. This way we have created a visual connection between the two spaces of Gjirafa.com and Gjirafa.biz.

    Photography: Atdhe Mulla