LinkedIn Offices – Madrid

  • Client LinkedIn,
  • size 6,458 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Madrid, Spain,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing, Technology,
  • Il Prisma has designed the new offices of employment networking company LinkedIn, located in Madrid, Spain.

    The sun is the center of the Spanish culture, and thus the concept for the Madrid LinkedIn office will be “The solar working system”. This concept is based on this approach to life, philosophy and behavior. We don’t care only about the results, but about the way you reach them and the connections need to walk through your path. In this region the local team feels the responsibility of working in a market that has suffered and it is still suffering from high level of unemployment. The energy of the sun drives the region towards goals beyond the recent difficulties.

    We selected with the local team some regional attitudes that are transforming the economy of the country: everything turns around the “El Patio de Luz”, the heart of the concept, the place for relations and sharing, the place where people can stay together as colleagues but having fun as a family.

    The ‘’Economic Graph’’ represents the vision of the future for LinkedIn; its shapes, mixed with the memories of the Sierra Madrileña skin, are transformed in a conceptual ‘wood skin’ that embraces the reception.

    The reception area brings the visitor in an immersive brand experience where the global values have been represented within a local soul (Economic Graph, IN BUG, Logo).

    ‘’El Patio de Luz’’ is the central element of the project as it conceptually controls and is the point of convergence of the orbits of all the other spaces, evoking the historical relationship between the Iberian culture and the sun. This space, designed for socialization, communication, and convivial moments, uses a wood pergola, a retro-illuminated ceiling and a reinterpreted traditional ceramic flooring to convey the essence and the quality of the typical Iberian patio.

    The incredible potential of the Social Network in changing professional life is shown in The LinkedIn for Good wall, were the voluntary projects organized from the employees are collected, just in front of the Members Stories wall, where successful members illustrate through graphic and videos the goals that have been reached.

    Additionally, an art wall from the Madrid artist Ruben Sanchez celebrates this office area: A figure riding a strong and energetic bull (there’s no better animal to represent the Iberian soul) coming out from a prismatic cove, metaphor for the dark times, like the crisis that is still hitting Spain or the lack of inspiration in a creative process.

    Outside of this cove, it’s like a color explosion, a world full of possibilities. The figure is overcoming any struggle and is ready to take on the world on a fighting bull, who is guiding him through the lighthouse on top of its head and its third eye. As LinkedIn helps to guide yourself and look for your best options, the bull does the same.

    DesignIl Prisma
    Photography: courtesy of Il Prisma