AXS Offices – London

  • Client AXS,
  • size 8,500 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location United Kingdom, London, England,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • Realys has designed the new offices of online ticket merchant AXS, located in London, England.

    After choosing the Cottons Centre as their destination, AXS appointed Realys to design and deliver their new office. The first step for Realys was to set to work understanding AXS’s core values and culture to ensure the design accurately embodied them. For AXS the emphasis was on transparency. So Realys created open spaces to encourage open communication amongst the team.

    Full-height glass partitions create an open and inviting feel to the office. The result is a stunning seventh floor office with panoramic views across the city. The new space complements the varied work culture of AXS with different areas to accommodate different working styles. Collaborative work spaces sit alongside open-plan desks, private offices and multi-media meeting rooms. A large modern tea-point and bar also serves as a social space for both staff and clients including a pool table and basketball game.

    For their furniture, Realys moved away from the familiar off-white desks and instead went for a high-quality walnut effect. Procuring all furniture, the solutions create a modern and bespoke feel throughout. As a growing company, it was important the space was future proofed so the number of desks can easily be increased with minimum intrusion thanks to the freestanding solutions and grid infrastructure.

    Speaking about the project, Designer Zoe Martinez said “The goal was to create a space that worked now and in the future, reinforcing aspects of their global identity. Our efforts have been focused on ensuring the AXS brand is visually represented in every part of the office and that it’s a vibrant place to work. The management wanted their staff to be able to enjoy the best views which is how we designed the layout”.

    Another key element for AXS was the delivery of the project. Having previously occupied a basement floor, the new space is a world away from what the AXS staff are used to. Keen to get into their new office as soon as possible, the team at Realys made sure they could move into their spacious new office quickly, completing the 8,500 sq ft project in just eight weeks with AXS able to occupy their new office just 2 days after completion.

    Photography: Simon Harvey