Kaminario Offices – Yokneam Illit

  • Client Kaminario,
  • size 16,145 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Yokneam Illit,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • Studio Samuelov has designed the new offices of computer data storage company Kaminario, located in Yokneam Illit, Israel.

    The design concept was formed to construe a story of RECOLLECTIONS, reflecting the company’s core activity (data storage), conveying to everybody the brand’s identity. The finishing material schema, which was conceived to reflect the brand’s story, combines longevity and sturdy character, such as dismantled bricks, recycled wood, refinishing and polishing the native concrete floors of the building, etc., to resonate the RECOLLECTIONS theme.

    The various floors were made each to emphasize a different story around the central theme of RECOLLECTIONS – recollections of childhood, motion pictures, music, etc., and these subjects were articulated through the overall physical substances, the complementary furnishings, the artwork and the styling.

    The outlines are distinctly eclectic, aiming to create a cozy and casual environment, allowing a broadly diverse crowd, team or callers, to get attached to the site.

    DesignStudio Samuelov
    Design Team: Yuval Samuelov, Osnat Drory Dagan, Shiri Steiner, Hadas Avtalion Jackont
    General Contractor: Ron Geves
    Photography: Itay Sikolsky